JSC “Exigen Services Latvia” privacy policy

1. The purpose of JSC “Exigen Services Latvia” privacy policy is to provide information to a natural person – data subject, about data processing purposes, reason, safety and processing term, applicable to the personal data processing by JSC “Exigen Services Latvia”.

This privacy policy provides general information about personal data processing, performed by JSC “Exigen Services Latvia”– more specific and detailed information about personal data processing could be included in individual contracts and other internal documents.

2. Data processing manager and contact details thereof

2.1. Personal data processing manager is JSC “Exigen Services Latvia” (hereinafter referred to as – Exigen Services Latvia), Reg. No. 40003275598, legal address: Riga, Jāņa Daliņa Street 15, LV-1013. Structural subdivision addresses: Riga, Jāņa Daliņa Street 15, LV-1013; Jelgava, Lielā Street 1, LV-3001; Liepāja, Uliha Street 57, LV-3401.

2.2. You may contact Exigen Services Latvia data protection expert via e-mail: dpo@exigenservices.com.

3. What personal data is Exigen Services Latvia processing?

3.1. When you apply for particular position or express a will to work for Exigen Services Latvia, the following personal data of yours are being processed: e-mail, given name, surname, telephone number and information, included in CV and motivation letter of the candidate.

3.2. Exigen Services Latvia processes your contact details – e-mail address, given name, surname, telephone number and other data, specified by you, to contact you by phone or e-mail, if you want to obtain information about Exigen Services Latvia services or want to give a feedback about them.

4. What are the purposes of your data processing?

4.1. To perform personnel screening and make sure about the adequacy of the pretender for the particular job and to keep the data of persons, who has failed to pass the personnel screening procedure and offer them other position, if available.

4.2. To get feedback from potential and current customers, provide information on the offered services.

5. Legal basis of data processing

5.1. Personal data, specified in CV and motivation letter are being processed grounding on the Labour Law and written consent of a data subject.

5.2. Personal data, included in customers’ feedback on Exigen Services Latvia are being processed grounding on the legitimized interest of Exigen Services Latvia – planning and development of services and products by receiving feedback from customers and for the support of sales procedure.

6. Will your personal data be disclosed to third parties?

6.1. Your personal data, included in CV and motivation letter upon your written consent could be provided to Exigen Services Latvia group companies outside the European Union – USA, Ukraine or Russia. Personal data communication outside the European Union shall be performed grounding on mutual agreement concluded between Exigen Services Latvia and the recipient of personal data, including general data protection clauses, adopted by the European Commission in accordance with the verification procedure, provided for in Article 93, paragraph 2 of General Data Protection Regulation.

7. How Exigen Services Latvia uses cookies?

7.1. www.exigenservices.lv website uses cookies to gather your IP addresses and browsing information, websites visited by you and duration of visit of each page and to let the website to remember your system and choice.

7.2. Cookies allow Exigen Services Latvia to follow the website information flow and cooperation of users with the website – Exigen Services Latvia uses this information to analyse visitors’ behaviour and to improve their experience.

7.3. Cookies are being stored by your device only when you agree (if only cookies are not required for technical operations of website). However, you should be aware that if you don’t agree with use of cookies, some website features may not work properly or may not work at all.

7.4. Legal basis for use of cookies is legitimized interest of Exigen Services Latvia to provided technical functioning of the website. When cookies are being used to remember your choice or for statistical purposes, then legal basis is your consent.

7.5. You may control and/or delete cookies of your choice – for detailed information visit www.youronlinechoices.com. You may delete all the cookies, which are already stored by your computer and you may prohibit your browser to keep them.

8. How could you access your data and check if they are correct, to update them?

8.1. You are entitled to request copies of our personal data any moment, check if stored information is correct and/or update this information. You could request complete deletion of your personal data, if not prohibited by legal provisions. All the requests shall be sent to Exigen Services Latvia data protection expert by e-mail: dpo@exigenservices.com.

8.2. We will expend all the commercially grounded efforts to ensure the proper access to any personal information of your, which is being maintained by us 30 days after your access request.

8.3. To protect your privacy and safety, we will perform all the corresponding measures to check your identity before the provision of information about requested personal data.

9. Terms of storage and deletion of personal data

9.1. Information about the data subject – pretender is being deleted at the moment when data subject had received information about the results of vacancy contest and provided no permission for further storage of his or her data.

9.2. If data subject wants his or her information to be stored after the end of vacancy contest or included in pretenders’ database, data subject shall provide a written consent, that his or her data will be stored for the further adequate job offers.

10. Technical, safety and organizational security measures

Manager shall perform data processing and maintenance using modern technologies and providing its’ safe storage.

11. Personal data safety and protection

Exigen Services Latvia implements proper technical and organizational measures to provide the level of security necessary for personal data storage:

11.1. ensures constant confidentiality, integrity, accessibility and sustainability of data processing systems and services and proper Information safety systems and software for safe data storage;

11.2. ensures the possibility to timely update personal data accessibility in case if physical or technical accident, or system malfunction has occurred;

11.3. perform technical and organization measures for data protection system efficiency tests, assessment and evaluation to provide safe processing;

11.4. train its employees to process data, observing internal data processing requirements and procedures.