Customer: Carphatia


Carpathia is a leading provider of managed hosting and hybrid cloud services for top US enterprises and federal agencies. Carpathia needed to integrate with several 3rd party solutions for system monitoring, ticketing and cloud hosting providers to reflect the complete business workflow in the portal.

This meant adopting a highly interactive development approach to constantly share information and collect customer feedback, while designing and implementing a set of tools with no analogues on the market.

Executed solution

  • A domain-adopted ticketing solution is based on ServiceNow that collects tickets, tasks and issues through the portal and external monitoring systems and provides users the ability to manage their work based on automated ticket assignment
  • Included Compliance Automated Platform ensures compliance to standards including: FEDRAMP, HIPAA or DIACAP

Business results

  • Reduced time to market for new components from 3 to 1 month
  • Established quick response to business challenges through 6-week delivery cycles
  • Provided competitive usability, navigation and design


UI: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, DWR

Server-side: Java SE, OSGi, Spring, Hibernate, iBatis, Karaf, Dozer, JetLang, Mapstruct

Database: PostgreSQL, NoSQL (OrientDB)

Integration: Apache Camel, REST, CXF, Jackson, OpenAM, JAAS, ServiceNow API, LDAP, Amazon Java SDK

Delivery: Ansible, Docker

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