Customer: National Library of Latvia (NLL)

The aim of the Latvian National Digital Library is to digitize the collections of the NLL and sources of partner organizations by making them accessible to readers on the Internet.

The solution – Unified resource aggregator and search portal of digital content is a powerful tool that enables readers with a one-stop search service for all the library’s and its partners’ resources, receiving information from previously collected, structured and indexed information storage, as well as services such as personalization and requesting electronic materials.

Business challenge:

  • Provide unified access to various NLL collections and other sources, including a centralized search function
  • Centralized access point for all NLL digital resources, including aggregation, structuring, indexing and search
  • User authentication and personalization
  • Electronic request for materials and corresponding delivery

Business results:

  • Digitized NLL cultural and scientific collections are now digitally accessible
  • Quick and easy way for users to find the desired content that is summarized at from different NLL digital resources
  • Registered users receive additional notifications of the availability of content that corresponds to the key words that have been searched and stored


  • .NET, FSIS (FAST ESP), ASP.NET MVC, WCF, MS SQL Server, Reporting Services, Entity Framework, Castle Windsor, Automapper, Quartz.NET.

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