Customer: The Parliament of Latvia

Legislative process in the Parliament is complex and multi-layered. The Parliament of Latvia (100 elected members), also known as the Saeima, includes 17 committees, 11 subcommittees, and 56 support groups. More than 300 staff members work for Parliament, and are housed in four buildings connected via a local area network. Approximately 3,000 legislative acts are processed during each parliamentary term.

Projects including the Personnel Management System, Pass System, Document Management System, Legislative Tracking System and Debate and Voting System have been implemented since 2001.

Business Challenge:

  • Streamline the work of the Latvian Parliament in an efficient, user-friendly and transparent manner


  • Integrated, modular IT system that manages a wide range of information:
    • Personnel Management
    • Passes for Parliament visitors and their vehicles
    • Document Management Legislative Tracking
    • Parliament agenda, debate and voting
    • Committee agendas and calendar of parliament events

Business Results:

  • A modern system that provides automated workflow and improved document management
  • User-friendly application that optimizes the Parliament’s work and supports effective teamwork
  • Ensured transparency throughout the legislative process
  • Online publication for viewing laws and legislative acts and monitoring their progress


  • IBM Notes/Domino, XML, Web Services, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax etc.

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Client success

Latvian Parliament (the Saeima)

«Saeima’s integrated information system is in line with the most advanced parliamentary information systems. I am very proud to see many visitors form foreign parliaments coming to Saeima and seeing our system as a potential model for their own systems»

Anita Dūdiņa
Head of the Saeima Information department