Customer: State Labour Inspectorate (SLI)

The State Labour Inspectorate is a state regulatory authority whose main function is to supervise and control implementation of labour relations and labour protection. It operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Welfare.

The State Labour Inspectorate receives 43 000 client requests a year. These requests were submitted either at the office or by registered mail and are processed manualy. But as the number of requests increased every year, a system was needed that would save time for both clients (individuals and businesses) and the state inspectors.

Business challenge:

  • Improve SLI IS including database of individuals and business entities, inspection planning, corporate hazard gradation and workflow process management
  • Implement an electronic document management system
  • Enable data exchange between SLI and other state information systems (eight State systems from six state institutions)
  • Develop publicly accessible e-services

Business results:

  • 16 e-services are publicly accessible via the portal 24/7.
  • The services save time and money for both clients and SLI.
  • Improved communication and data exchange between SLI and the partnering state institutions.
  • Improved the quality of SLI services and reduced administrative costs.


IBM Notes/Domino, XPages, Microsoft .Net Framework, Web Services, XML, HTML, Javascript

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