Customers: State and municipality organizations, private companies in finance, transport, retail, energy and utilities with more than 5000 end-users in Latvia.

ELDIS Business E-management is a document management solution that is designed to provide organizations with effective and coherent management of opreational processes.

It provides tools for record keeping, analysis, planning, monitoring and optimization of the company’s business processes in following areas: document management, personnel management, customer relationship management, transport management.

The system is suitable for both a governmental organization and a private entity.

Product benefits

  • Improved organizational work processes
  • Centralized and harmonized record keeping
  • Simpler decision making for managers
  • Easy to adapt to any organizational type, size and specific business needs

The solutions consist of a set of software – modular systems. This allows for convenient, customized solutions for the organization’s specific needs, as well as adding additional modules to the chosen base module, thus improving operational coordination.

ELDIS System’s modules

Eldis Documents

Provides an effective document management cycle: document receiving, registration, development, control, signing of documents and other activities.

As a result, the record-keeping process is systematized and centralized according to the business needs of the company.

Eldis Personnel

Organizes and automates the most important human resource management processes: personnel accounting, personnel management and personnel development. It provides for convenient entering, storage, and analyzing options of personnel information.

Can be simply integrated with the salary module of the accounting or financial system that has been developed in other technological environments.

Eldis CRM

Ensures 360o management between the customers, suppliers and cooperation partners. It is a tool for company management, sales and marketing people to obtain complete information about the parties involved and to effectively manage their activities and cooperation in a single location.

Based on the accumulated data and their analysis, it is possible to develop sales estimates and perform efficiency measuring.

Eldis Transport

Organizes information on company’s transport and related operations. Suitable for companies with their own fleet, including vehicles for rent, and companies specializing in transportation and logistics.

The solution is integrated with maps and GPS devices that ensure automatic development of route sheets and allows vehicles tracking.


IBM Notes/Domino

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