Customer: State Revenue Service of Latvia (SRS)

The State Revenue Service has many types of tax declarations and supporting documents to be submitted on a regular basis.

The Electronic Declaration System (EDS) is a secure and efficient way for taxpayers to submit and process tax information such as tax returns, declarations and supporting documentation online. EDS is used by both legal entities and individuals.

Registering and using EDS is free of charge, and every year the EDS is updated with new services such as improved mobile interface, guided help and pre-filled presonalized tax forms, based on data from various state databases and information exchange between SRS and taxpayers.

The EDS is fully consistent with the level of service quality required by Latvian taxpayers and complies with the similar service quality to other European countries.

Business results

  • A modern Web-based system providing the opportunity to submit and receive all necessary documents and complete information exchange between the taxpayer and SRS electronically, saving time and financial resources
  • Easy submitting of tax declaration is ensured by automatic information input, while a control function ensures automatic information reviewing to avoid mistakes
  • Complex data validation: Online input validation and asynchronous validation during import of data into the tax system to ensure integrity of taxpayer information and improving the accuracy of SRS databases


  • Awarded the «Platīna Pele 2007» (Platinium Mouse) by the IKT Association of Latvia
  • Awarded the Diploma to the solution “Tax Payers Legal Information Exchange System within the EDS” by the IKT Association of Latvia in 2014
  • Awarded the «Platīna Pele 2015» (Platinium Mouse) to the solution “Digital Payrolle Tax Booklet within the EDS”by the IKT Association of Latvia


Oracle DB, Microsoft ASP.NET MVC

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