Customer: The Ministry of Welfare

The Ministry of Welfare is the leading government body of work, social protection, child protection, child and family law, as well as persons with disabilities, equal opportunities and gender equality.

It was necessary to obtain tools for quickly available, harmonized and correct statistics to ensure the planning and monitoring the Ministry policy.


  • Provide timely, quality information for welfare planning and performance monitoring and efficient tools to avoid manual data collection
  • Develop and implement a central database of various data sources ensuring centralized data processing and tools for generating reports required by various users from the Ministry and the authority institutions
  • Integrate a big number of various technology data sources (incl.non-documented) and clasificators to be mapped

Business results:

  • High-quality reliable data for fast and efficient statistical information.
  • Creation of precise standard and non-standard reports using integrated information obtained from various data sources.
  • Aligned data classifications of various organizations, developed historical data accumulation for classifications
  • User-friendly business intelligence tool for data analysis.


SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Data Services, SAP PowerDesigner, SAP Sybase IQ, MS SQL Server, MS Master Data Services

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