Customer: SAP

A personal guide that helps its user to quickly find way in unknown areas: large office buildings and complexes, conference and business centers, as well it can help navigate the museum, exhibition or large shopping centers.

The application allows a mobile device to monitor the location and easily determine the shortest way to the desired area. Integrated with calendar and room plan, it allows for creating meetings. In addition, the application can be used to monitor temperature, power consumption and space occupancy information. It also can be integrated with room automation systems, such as Redwood.

Business results:

  • Saves time
  • Controls space occupancy
  • Monitors energy consumption

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Client success


„We at SAP IT enable our colleagues to be more productive anywhere by delivering fun, easy-to-use and innovative mobile technology. ROI is the perfect partner to fulfill this mission. Highly reliable, innovative and always a pleasure to work with – that is indeed a premium partner for your crucial tasks! Thanks for your passion and commitment to all ROI employees.”

Dr. Oliver Gutzeit
SAP IT Director Mobile Foundations