Customer: State Probation service

The State Probation Service operates under the subordination of the Ministry of Justice.

A large amount of paper-based customer profiles and probations cases. Statistical data was being gathered manually by employees in Excel. Reporting took a long time. Profiles were difficut to manage and analyse. There was weak control over access to sensitive information.

Business challenge:

  • Develop a single IT system for the probation service to automate processes, implement workflows, and provide access control, auditing, operative and statistics reporting.
  • Integrate the multiple systems through a single system to ensure their ability to communicate.

Business results:

  • Paperwork fully replaced by web (Intranet) based automatizated processes. Probation customer profiles and probation cases are now stored electronically.
  • Full access control over who, when and what is accessed. Strong permissions control. Auditing.
  • Operational reporting: probations case statuses, statistical reporting.
  • System is integrated with other state registers such as the Citizens’ Register and many interior registers;
  • Central databases implemented, all departments can share and tranfer information accross locations


  • .NET, C#, XHTML, AJAX, JavaScript, MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2005 Server Reporting Services, MS Exchange API, SOA.

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