Customer: Tamro Baltics

Tamro Baltics is the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the Baltic region, as well as a leading Baltic pharmacy operator. The retail network of almost 250 pharmacies serves customers in all three countries. In addition to pharmaceuticals, the company offers an attractive range of health and well-being products, like food supplements, skin care products, etc. The company is part of PHOENIX group.

Business challenge:

  • Develop new data warehousing solution offering Fast and accurate information on operational effectiveness as well as vast analyzing capabilities.
  • The aim of new solution is to transform the way, the company conduct business analysis and make strategic decisions.

Business results:

  • Information on company’s operational effectiveness in every phase of business cycle
  • Analysis capabilities in different ways: by products and their groups, by sales, by storage and remaining amounts, by clients, by sales figures, etc.
  • Fast report creation about sales plan performance in different ways and time periods
  • Streamlining of supply chain and warehouse management optimization
  • Possibility to analyze efficiency of sales and stocks, customer buying behavior and loyalty


SAP BusinessObjects, Oracle

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