Customer: State Revenue Service of Latvia

The challenge was to develop a modern information system to integrate the Taxpayer Register, the core of the Tax Information System, and in­dividual systems for data processing on the collection of various taxes. In addition, the system had to support retrieving information from and synchronizing information with other European Union and governmental systems, such as reg­istries of residents and businesses.

The system would have to support data exchange with the State Social Insurance System, Central Statistical Bureau, State Treasury and local government institutions.

The system also had to provide extensive data analytics and reporting tools suitable for use by tax officials, many of whom were non-technical users.

Business results:

  • The system benefits the government and citizens of Latvia by ensuring that taxes are assessed, monitored, and paid in an orderly manner.
  • Modern data warehouse solution ensures precise tax reports using integrated information from various SRS databases, taxpayer information analysis, supports risk analysis and performance of control tasks, creating an efficient environment for planning budget revenue projections.
  • It simplifies the work of tax inspectors and ensures taxpayers have access to relevant data.
  • The system enables direct and indirect tax data exchange with other EU member states and institutions required by EU legislation.


.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, Web Services, JAVA, Gupta Team Developer, SAP BusinessObjects,  Data Stage, MS IIS, XML, Informix, Oracle, Sybase etc.

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